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CRIMSA Journal: Acta Criminologica ISSN 1012-8093

Acta Criminologica, the Southern African Journal of Criminology, is a peer reviewed academic journal which promotes academic and professional discourse and the publishing of research results on the subject of crime and victimisation, conflict, deviance, abuse of power and reaction to crime and other conflict related phenomena.

Acta Criminologica is an accredited journal approved by the Department of Education and is published regularly by CRIMINOLOGICAL AND VICTIMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF SOUTHERN AFRICA (CRIMSA). Members of CRIMSA will be subscribed to Acta Criminologica.


Prof. Lillian Artz (University of Cape Town)


Prof. Doroval Govender (University of South Africa)

Prof. Francois Steyn (University of Pretoria)

Submission of Articles:

All draft articles can be submitted directly to the Editor-in-Chief at email: EditorActaCriminologica@gmail.com

Please ensure that, as author of the submitted article, you have complied fully with all the requirements, instructions and guidelines in the two documents (see below) titled: Editorial Policy and Author Guidelines.