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Active Individual Members

Active individual members of the Society are people who have at least an honours degree in a criminological science or another related post-graduate qualification which is recognised by the Society.

Only active individual members may be office-bearers or members of the Society's committees except in the case of student representatives who serve for the explicit purpose of student participation and dialogue.

Except for student members serving on the Society's committees, voting rights are restricted to active individual members.

Active individual members who cannot attend any official and properly constituted meeting of the Society may exercise their vote by means of e-mail, a postal vote or by proxy.

Student Members

Any student enrolled in a criminological science or another related discipline accepted by the Council may join the Society as a student member.

An active student includes students currently studying for masters level degrees but excludes persons with completed (awarded) masters and persons busy with doctoral degrees

A student member may participate in the activities of the Society. Except for student members serving on the Society's committees, voting rights are restricted to active individual members.

Institutional membership

Where an institute or an organisation attains membership of the Society as a group, such a group nominates a representative to exercise, on behalf of the group, the rights of the group concerned.

The representative of the group may not be an office-bearer of the Society unless he/she is full member of his/her own right.

Honorary Members

Honorary membership is at the invitation of the Board and is bestowed by the Board in recognition of a particular contribution in the field of criminological sciences or to the Society.

An honorary member has the same privileges as active individual members of the Society.

Termination Of Membership

Membership is terminated by a member resigning in writing to the Council.

The onus rests with any member to renew his/her membership in good time. In exceptional circumstances an extension might be sought through consultation with the Executive of Council who will consider and decide in a manner which the Executive of Council regards as justifiable.

A member whose membership has been terminated may appeal in writing to the Council, motivating why his/her termination of membership should be reconsidered.

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