Our Vision:

CRIMSA is a locally as well as internationally recognised, inter-disciplinary professional society, promoting theoretical and applied criminology and related disciplines in Africa and further afield.

Our Philosophy:

The Criminological Society of Africa (CRIMSA) (NPC 2022/336341/08) is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-sexist, non-racial organisation aiming to promoting the academic, practical, social and universal relevance of Criminology alike in order to understand, control, prevent and reduce crime and its outcomes and to serve the Southern African community at large.

CRIMSA is a non-profit corporate academic society that aims to:

  • to promote, coordinate and apply the criminological sciences (Criminology, Victimology and Criminal Justice in particular, but also any academic discipline focusing on phenomena related to crime and victimisation) through study and academic interaction, research and community service;
  • to co-operate with interested local, regional and international institutions;
  • to create mediums for the publishing of, among other things, research results;
  • to promote and stimulate the academic interests of its members;
  • to inform the community about crime-related phenomena, criminal victimisation and reaction to crime;
  • to contribute to the broader transformation of society through equity and to endorse those values enshrined in the South African Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Our Mission:

CRIMSA is a professional society that:

  • Responds to crime and criminal justice issues;
  • Encourages criminological and criminal justice research;
  • Creates an increased understanding of crime, criminality, victims, victimisation and the criminal justice and correctional systems in order to address, prevent and reduce crime;
  • Promotes and protects the interests of academics, researchers, NGOs, criminal justice practitioners, students and the public;
  • Sets and maintains professional and ethical standards for its fields of its discipline and conduct of its members; and
  • Commits to gender, race and social transformation in the field of criminology and criminal justice.

Acta Criminologica and CRIMSA News

Crimsa will provide members with the latest research findings, professional issues and statistical information in the field of Criminal Justice, free of charge, by means of an accredited journal, Acta Criminologica, and a regular newsletter Crimsa News.

Call for Papers

CRIMSA’S Offcial Language

The offcial language of the Society is English.